quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2013

Mais tulipas

          Uma tulipa que me chamou a atenção pelo diagrama. Imprimi e não entendi logo no começo, pois ficou difícil de visualizá-lo. Após várias tentativas, consegui dobrá-la.O autor não dá detalhes de como o centro dela fica, então tentei fechá-la sobrepondo as abas no centro. Achei belo o resultado. O autor eu não consegui identificar. Há uma rubrica no esquema e a página é assinada por duas pessoas. O blog onde está o diagrama está aqui.

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  1. "The author of the diagram" is perpheps a child with some problems,cos is just horibble and evidently has wrong steps represented!...My model resulted is like in your photos, but in that diagrame is a difference....i supposse that even the author doesn't know the result ..haha

    1. The design is not good, but I have this result with him. I do not know if he is a child, because I believe that children have a great potencial.Principalmente those considered problematic. I'm glad you created a tulip so lovely! Too bad you have not published and is not identified.
      Thanks for visiting!

    2. After this,I accidentaly discovered this model on a site with all steps in photos tehnic ...so there is just a draw of somebody who wanted to post instuctions by him/her.Not about an own model,design.
      I didn;t say that i created a tulip model.I said about to make this model looking at that draw.
      However,some modesty is very good in all.Many ppl make some modifications at a model and imediatly make diagrames wityh great pretention as "designer","creators",etc..that's ridiculos.
      With "problemes" I refered especially at frustated personalities,not about illness.Simple.

      Great work on your blog ,and very beautiful presented.

  2. Excelente página. Parabéns! Me adicione. Grato.


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